Integrated Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Art Therapy for Eating Disorders

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Art Therapy are a means of helping individuals with eating disorders, especially adolescents, become more aware of their struggle with emotion dysregulation. A person with an eating disorder chosen means of emotional expression is revealed in a direct but hidden manner, whether it is in the form of restricting or gorging food, or even self-harm. Thus an internal expression of pain is externalized but contained within the self. Art Therapy and DBT can help find alternate ways of expressing that pain, that is, instead of harming the body

I believe that DBT is better understood through mindfulness skills training and Art Therapy. A DBT approach into both individual and group art therapy serves as an alternate means of understanding key DBT concepts, which can otherwise be fairly complex. I have developed a unique arts-based approach that integrates the two modalities of therapy that gives voice to those who are struggling with eating disorders and/or emotional dysregulation. The development of this approach was based upon examination of the strengths and weakness of both Art Therapy and DBT as individual therapies in working with the focus population. I encourage you to further discuss this approach to me. It may be a great fit for you or your child.