Art Therapy

As an art therapist I work to make a connection through collaborative approach. Whether you choose to express yourself through images or words, we will work together to raise awareness and insight that allows for change to take place. I view therapy as a developing relationship between two or more people.

Children and adolescents are more comfortable when treatment is designed to be enjoyable. Creativity and the urge to make things is a characteristic unique solely to humans. When working with children and adolescents, this creative process becomes very important in improving their physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Before young children have the full use of their words, they learn about the world around them through manipulation, exploration and creation. Even as children grow older, their sense of self and understanding of the world is influenced by what they create and accomplish. It is through individualized goal-setting that art therapy aims to encourage each individual to explore, learn and develop a sense of themselves and the world around them. Learn more about what art therapy is through this description provided to you by the American Art Therapy Association:

In addition to being an art therapist, I have extensive training in fine art. I have been a painter for the past 20 years. North Carolina is a haven for a landscape painter.

If you have questions, or would like more information, please send me an email. I look forward to connecting with you soon.